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Jacob Shekrel

Clinical Hypnotherapist

& Mental Strategist.


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WHY Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the most accurate...

Mention the Transformational Restart before going into the story. Then we have a hint why we are reading the story and if we will commit to reading it.


Some of the sentences are a bit awkward but that may just be a language issue.

Stress is the number one killer according to the American Psychological Association. (Mentioning The Miami Herald doesn’t contribute to the story or the information) The APA is credibility enough if that is why yo mentioned the newspaper.

Who's Jacob?

My name is Jacob Shekrel, I’m Clinical Hypnotist & a Mental Strategist.

And I’ll spare you of all the many other 'hats' which I have.


During 25 years of my life, I considered myself a magnet of accidents. cars, motorcycle, a burning airplane, scuba diving… 

I even wanted to end my life as results of 4 major crises which happened at the same time.

Now, in all those accidents, I got out from them on my legs, like I’m standing right now.

Also, I had the opportunity to save the life of 4-5 people… 

Actually, the 6th was less than a year ago using my method.

But who is counting?


And one day, during my journey I asked: “Why?” 

I wanted to understand what’s the reason for all these experiences?

And the answer I got is that I have a mission: 

To help people to transform their life. So, I set a goal of 1 Million people.

Entrepreneur, Executive, Businessman...
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NO more medication that makes you feel like Zombie.

Many soldiers gave their lives in wars defending the values of democracy and the innocent. Many soldiers returned with invisible wounds in their soul. And like a broken record, are still stuck in the same events and situations that wounded them.
There is a solution!

the phobia which immobilised
Elizabeth for more than 50 years...
Disappeared in ONE hour!
6 minutes

Dr. Weiss told me to ask you If you can do with me a Past life regression?" a woman asked me. 

I participated at Dr. Brian Weiss Past life regression (PLR) seminar.

A group of people was sitting around me watching while I was doing the PLR and some waited for their turn.

Bob Proctor is recommending to work with Jacob

 Inbal H. Coach, Israel / Spain

Thank you for a great sessions and the opportunity to know a special person like you.

You put your energy, time (much more than I paid for) gave your heart, love for my success. You really cared that I’ll arrive to my goal, I felt it was important for you.

I appreciate it a lot and wish you big success in your beautiful way helping people to succeed

Thank you and big hug.

Chandeep C.  UK

Jacob is one of the best coaches and mentors that has helped me progress not only in business but in life. The way he teaches and gets his message across has helped me and will benefit you. You will always be looking forward to talking and getting everything you can out of is experience and knowledge.

Cindy M.  Australia

Thank you Jacob for your amazing generosity and wealth of knowledge and experience that you willingly imparted. You are a true inspiration and brilliant mentor. You have given me the confidence to develop and grow my own business. I now have the tools to earn passive income and live the life I chose.