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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR)

5 minutes

Life is a fascinating  journey... 

And it gets even more interesting when you are aware that we live many more times than our current life.


Yet, to understand it, we need to change our focus, to see the soul instead of the physical body as our  identity. 

Instead of thinking that we are a body which has a soul and mind, we should think that we are a soul and mind which has a body.


Most people consider death as Taboo because of fear. They don’t want to think, to talk, nor learn about it.

Yet, it's not surprising due to some religions that threaten the believers with the fire of hell. 


And when we let fears, any type of fear enter and control our mind, that opens the door to more fears to enter our mind...

 And when fears control our mind, we stop enjoying life.

 The same fear of death prevents us from enjoying our life the way we want. 


When people dare to learn about past life, they discover the knowledge they carry inside them. And they can also improve their current life.


The purpose of Past Life Regression (PLR) is not because of curiosity to see if we were Cleopatra or Alexander the Great or any other important person in the world's history. 


PLR has therapeutic abilities greater than any other known method. (Read Elizabeth’s story, in one hour she got rid of a phobia she had for more than 50 years, it's in 'Client's Stories’ page) 


Unlike any other types of regressions, in my method, I'm NOT telling the person in Hypnosis who he or she was. The knowledge is coming out from the subconscious of the person in Hypnosis.




So where is the Past Life knowledge coming from?



After a person dies, the brain is still active for 20-30 minutes. It’s shutting itself part after part, the memory being the last one to shut off.


During that time, the memory is recording the traumatic moments of the person's life. I call these memories the 'Energetic Scars’ and they are kept in the subconscious.


The conscious and the subconscious together are called the Mind. The mind is the energy of thoughts which goes in and through the body and control the brain. 


The mind is not in the brain. There isn't any Neurological surgeon in the world who ever did surgery on the subconscious.


We are considering the mind and the soul as two different identities. While they are connected and coming from the same source. And without their existence, the person is a dead body.


The subconscious mind holds the memory of all the previous lives. And every time a soul 'adopts' a new body, the soul brings some of the 'Energetic Scars' it holds. 

The 'Energetic Scars' create a behavioural pattern based on previous life trauma. 


Human science explains that the cognitive development creates the behavioural patterns. From young age when we learn the language, social and moral development. And the patterns are determined by our family, environment, and culture in which we grow.


The conventional psychological treatment approach is based on the behavioural pattern of people.

The patterns are based on traumatic experiences such as violence, abuse, and others.


Yet, the conventional approach ignores the soul's 'Energetic Scars'.  

I would dare to say that they are not even aware of its existence, like in Elisabeth's story, there was no logical motive from her childhood to cause the phobia.


And that’s exactly where the PLR is helping people to solve their hidden negative patterns.


Like I helped Elizabeth to overcome her phobia. 


Another client who blocked his progress because of limiting beliefs said “I don’t want to waste my life”. He said that after he discovered that he wasted his previous life because of similar beliefs. 


Or another client, a happily married woman, yet, she never speaks out and says her opinion and what she thinks. Because in a previous life she couldn't say the things she wanted to say…


The PLR is flooding the 'Energetic Scars’ from the subconscious to the conscious. The flooding helps the person to overcome his traumatic ‘story’ from the previous life. And also to end the hidden cause of the behavioural pattern.


By using the ‘Transformational Restart’ method which I developed,

I help people to overcome the causes of the two type of patterns: 


The cognitive patterns that we learned during our childhood in our current life. 


And the 'Energetic Scars’ that the soul brings.



For more information, you are welcome to contact me with any question you have.