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Client's stories

the phobia which immobilised Elizabeth
for more than 50 years...
Disappeared in ONE hour!
6 minutes

Dr. Weiss told me to ask you If you can do with me a Past life regression?" a woman asked me. 

I participated at Dr. Brian Weiss Past life regression (PLR) seminar.


A group of people was sitting around me watching while I was doing the PLR and some waited for their turn.

At first, I didn't know and later I found out that when people in the group asked Dr. Weiss to do a PLR with them, he told them to ask me to do it.


Elizabeth, an African American woman in her 60's who lives in Miami, was the woman who asked me the question while she waited for her turn.

Is there any particular issue that you want to solve? I asked when I started the session with her.

No, I saw how you doing the PLR... and just want to experience it...


I've added a personal 'tweak' to the PLR, that can give me a hint to which period the person is going.  

And I asked her if she can see what is written in the frame

With her eyes closed, she saw something, but couldn't recognise what it is.


Ask your subconscious mind to help you... I said.

Her face was lighted when she got the answer.

It's Hieroglyph, she said.


Interesting, I thought. we are going to ancient Egypt.

I guided her and she crossed the 'gate' to her past life in Egypt.

describe your clothes? I asked.

Wow... she said, they are beautiful...


Beautiful sandals, nice clothes, and a gold necklace 

while she touched her neck as if she was touching it...

Can you describe it?

It's straight and long pieces of gold with stones of Ruby and Turquoise...


Are you a princess? I asked

Noooo.... she responded fast

I'm a slave! 


Now, I was surprised; a slave? Why are you dressed like this?

The King died... and I'm with a group of slaves that goes to escort the king's soul.


I asked her some personal questions to know more about her.

She was a 15 or 16 years old, a female slave

And she didn't know her name.

I was curious to know if she is a Hebrew slave? 

At first, she didn't know, so I asked her again to ask her subconscious mind. and after a short delay, she answered; "Yes, I'm a Hebrew slave."


How do you feel? I asked her.

I'm scared, I don't want to die... she answered.


I decided to disconnect her current awareness from the emotions that she was experiencing.

She can see those experiences but she don't need to re-live it emotionally again.


I moved her forward in time and her face turned sad...

Where are you? I asked

We are inside the grave's chamber and they are closing it. And It's dark... she said...

I waited, letting her be there... And she started to breathe heavily... what is going there? I asked her.


"I don't have enough air to breathe...  And many cockroaches are climbing on me..."


I thought that it was time for her to leave that experience, there's no need to go through the process of dying. 


So, I said Elizabeth; before we leave I have some questions to ask you...

In what way this life as a slave in Egypt is relevant to your current life? 

She thought about it and said that she doesn't know.

And then I asked her if she can recognize anyone from her life in Egypt in her present life?

With her eyes closed, she turned her face around as if she was scanning the people who were in the grave…


Yes, she said... There are two people, The King and one of the slaves.


The King? who is he today? I asked her.

He is my elder son... she answered

And the young slave?

He is my grandson...


I guided Elizabeth out of Hypnosis she opened her eyes. I remained silent, smiling... looking deep into her eyes...

For me as a Hypnotist, those moments when a person opening eyes after the hypnosis are unique, it's as if I can see deep into the soul.


Elizabeth was excited... "You won't believe it", she said. "My son, who was the king, has many tattoos 

and all of them are old Egyptian symbols..."


I was curious about the cockroaches, So I asked her. "Ohhh" she said... "In Miami, because of humidity there are many big cockroaches...

And from a young age I have a phobia of them... when I see them I faint..."


That evening she returned to show me photos of her son's tattoos...



Elizabeth contacted me, to thank me, that the PLR session changed her life. That the PLR created awareness and suddenly life seems different.

And now she wants to visit in Israel and in Egypt. 


And again I asked her about the cockroaches...

"That's amazing!" she said "last week I killed three cockroaches... I don't have the phobia anymore"

And she added; "one more thing which I forgot to tell you... My grandson's name is... Liam Raamses (Its name of Egyptian king)…


Thanks to the PLR, in one session Elizabeth, was able to get rid of a phobia which she suffered from for most of her life.