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Bob Proctor,  Toronto

Johnny Wimbrey, Texas

Ella A.  Hawaii

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Jacob and the work he does through a friend who highly recommended him. 

I have also trained in lots of modalities of healing techniques but Hypnotherapy has always intrigued me.  I had session years ago that was very powerful so was excited to have a session with Jacob.   He has a vast knowledge of experience and a lovely, kind and gentle manner.  He tuned into what I needed very quickly and found the root causes of some of my major stumbling blocks in life and my current situation.  Jacob made me feel very comfortable and has a soothing voice which I think is super important with hypnotherapy.  The session was calming, relaxing and a wonderful journey, I felt we really cleared some major blocks in the session and felt lighter and brighter afterwards and that feeling continued in the following days.  Jacob is a very intuitive, calm and empathetic person and makes you feel instantly comfortable and at ease.  Thanks so much for all your help. 

Peter V. Schuld

Journalist, Holland

Working in the media is a stressful life. 
Being a journalist who cares about his mission, his life is under constant stress.
Any person under stress is vulnerable to a variety of issues; Sleeping disorders, difficulties to focus.
And the path to the liquor store is the worst option.
I know Jacob for several years. And we trust each other.
He knows more than others the meaning of living under high stress.
With hypnosis he was able to eradicate a lot of those stress levels.
I use the word "eradicate" on purpose, because it is strong. Yet, in the shaman era, it was a harmless measure, another tool for the vulnerable mind.
The hypnosis worked, I felt relieved from the menace of a breakdown.
Everyone has his limits.
Previous to the session I thought that "I don't have any limits", Well, yes I have. And again I encountered them. After Jacob arrived and helped me the stress has gone.

Eva A. Consultant, Italy

Jacob is very intuitive and sharp, and very good at actively listening and giving the right feedback at the right moment. He was brilliant in guiding me to find what causes me trouble. And at the same time he was very smart in finding the path that leads to solve that.

His way of doing hypnosis was really powerful, it allowed me to go deep in my subconscious and let my rational side go on vacation for a while (that is strongly recommended for everyone who's an over-thinker like me!).

I highly suggest to ask for his support if you want to free yourself of old patterns no longer needed and reach your goals in life.

Anthony Marcino, Columbus Ohio 

Katherine Jamison,  Australia

Spanish Videos

Johan Navarro, músico, Venezuela

Nacho, Restaurant Owner, Valencia